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Dirt Days Trail Series Calendar

Dirt Days Trail Series Race Calendar

Run for the Green

Dirt Days Trail Series - Run for the Green
Saturday around St. Patrick's Day
Landen/Deerfield Park, Maineville, OH

This event is usually around St Patrick's Day

@3.5 Miles
Start out your St. Patrick's Day Week with a hardy workout. Course consists of mostly densely wooded, winding dirt/mud trails within Landen/Deerfield Park. Elevation changes of up to 50 feet with two calf-deep creek crossings. This event is hosted by Deerfield Township and is typically the first event in the Dirt Days Trail Series. The race distance is listed as 3.5 miles but your mileage may vary!

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Ault Park Switchback Trail Run - April

Ault Park Switchback
Ault Park 

@ 3.6 miles

Ault Park is one of the most frequently used parks in Cincinnati. Its intricate network of trails is one of the City's best kept secrets.

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Mt. Airy Ridge Run - May

Mt, Airy Ridge Run
Mt. Airy Forest

Choice of 10.6 Miles or 5.4 Miles

Mt. Airy Ridge Run is a perennial favorite. This is the largest park in the city and features extensive trails. 
The Mt. Airy Forest Ridge Run will have TWO separate races over different distances. Choose from a 10.6 Mile run  or a 5.4 Mile run. 

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French Park Creek Crossings - June

Dirt Days Trail Series - French Park Creek Crossings
Sunday, June around Fathers Day
French Park, Cincinnati, OH

@ 3.6 Miles
French Park originally started out in its entirety as a farm, is now one of the city's most picturesque parks. The 3.6 mile course will take runners through almost everything that the park has to offer. Starting at the top of the hill, runners will descend down into the meadow, through the tall grass, and then run the perimeter before heading into the interior of the park. The course will follow the creek and cross it several times, giving runners the option to either tiptoe over stepping stones, use log bridges, or dash directly through it. The course will then gradually rise back to the shelter and meadow where it began. The event usually coincides with Father's Day.

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Eastfork Backpack Trail Run - July

Dirt Days Trail Series - Backpack Trail Run
Sunday, July 
East Fork State Park, Bethel, OH

Choose from 5.6 Miles or 10.8 Miles

The East Fork Backpack Trail Run is where the Dirt Days Trail Series all began. As the name states, the race will take place on the well-established Backpack Trail, at East Fork Lake State Park. The 5.6 mile course is densely wooded, and might give runners the feeling that they are on the Appalachian Trail. The course reverses direction each year.
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Powder Keg Trail Run - August

Dirt Days Trail Series - Powder Keg
Saturday, August 
Carter Park, Deerfield Township

@3.5 Miles

The Powder Keg is a perennial favorite. Explore the many trails of Carter Park which is behind the Historic Kings Mansion. The course will be fun and challenging. You will do a loop that will take you to down near the Little Miami River. Follow along the river on the old abandoned King Road. Explore an old dam. Climb the "Stairway to Heaven". Race distance is listed as 3.5 miles. However, your mileage may vary. This is the fifth event of the Dirt Days Trail Series.
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Glenwood Gardens Night Trail Run - September

Glenwood Gardens Night Trail Run
Saturday evening, September  at NIGHT
Glenwood Gardens Hamilton County Park
@ 3.5 Miles

Unique Night Run through the park.
This event begins at 9:00 PM on Saturday evening.
Course will be marked with colored lights. Pathways are easy to follow and footing is very good.
Headlamps and/or flashlights are not required but OK to bring if you wish.

Shawnee Lookout "West Side, Best Side" Trail Run - October

Shawnee Lookout "West Side, Best Side" Trail Run
Sunday, October Shawnee Lookout Hamilton County Park
@ 3.4 Miles

Shawnee Lookout is located at the Southwest corner of Hamilton County and is perched above the confluence of the Great Miami and Ohio Rivers.

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