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Dirt Days Trail Run Series

Get on your feet and get off the road!

Series Overview


Q - What is The Dirt Days Trail Series?

A - The Dirt Days Trail Series consists of Eight Dates and Ten events. There is one event per month beginning in March and ending in October. Events will include trail runs of varying distances from about 2 to 11 miles, including a night run. Each event is unique and there is plenty of variety to appeal to runners and walkers of all abilities.
Depending on the event, you may encounter heavily forested areas, open fields, hills, creek crossings, dirt, mud, etc.
Pick and choose your events and sign up for each one separately. You can also purchase a season pass!

Our first event, The "Run for the Green"  is on March 16, 2024. 

Sign up for each event separately or sign up for the entire series package. .

The Dirt Days Trail Series is brought to you by Running Time Race Services.

We are pleased to announce the Fleet Feet Sports is once again teaming up with us to present this classic series.

Series Details

The events should have the same look and feel as in past years. We may adjust the events a little based on your recommendations, date conflicts etc. If you would like to give your input, send me an email.

Q - Are the races timed?

A - All races will be chip-timed using disposable chips on bibs. No need to return chips.

Q- Are there awards or prizes?

A - Each event in the series will have its own awards. There will be prizes for overall male and female winners. Some events will have age group awards and some will have awards based on age-grading. The Top Male and Female in each race and one lucky 3rd person will receive a special prize. No duplicate winners. There will also be opportunities to win randomly-drawn prizes. You must be present to win any random drawing and you cannot accept for someone else, so stick around!

Q - How much are the races?

A - All events are $22.50 per race. For 2024, all registrations will be done online. Sign up for each race independently or select our one time package price for an all-inclusive pass to each event.
A - New for 2024 - Kids 14 and under can now sign up and get a $5 discount. 

Q - What  do I get with my entry?

A - Entry fee includes bib number, timing chip, refreshments, well-marked course, detailed results, series competition, chance to win prizes etc. You will also meet some really nice people!

Q - Can I sign up on race day at the venue

A - All registrations will be done online. You can sign up anytime up to the start of each race. Sign up on your phone, tablet or computer. We will not have kiosks at the venues. If you know you are coming, it is best to sign up prior to arriving at the venue. 

Q- Are there race shirts?

A - Dirt Days Trail Series Tech Shirts will be available for $20. You can purchase them with your registration. They will be also be sold at the venue by Fleet Feet (our sponsor) beginning in April.
Two events (Run for the Green and Powder Keg) will have their own dedicated race shirts. Series Shirts will not be sold at these two events. 

Q - When can I pick up my bib, chip, shirt,  etc?

A - You can check in beginning 90 minutes prior to the start of each event and ending 15 minutes prior to the start. For a 9:00 race, check in will be from 7:30 - 8:45. Come early and enjoy your experience. There is no early packet pick up for any of the events. 

Q - Are there Series Awards?

A - Each race is run independently, however, you can earn points for the Dirt Days Trail Series competitions. See the Series section for more information.



We are offering an all-inclusive season pass to all of the 2024 Dirt Days Trail Series events.

If you are planning to attend all or most of the events, this may be for you. You will save time by only signing up one time. The total price is discounted so can save money as well. In addition, a one-time transaction fee will be less than signing up for events one at a time. 

The package includes entry fee to all eight events and also included is a 2024 Trail Series shirt. Price for 2024 is $150.

We are only offering this package through the Ault Park race since it does not make sense after that time.

The deadline to sign up for the bundle is Sunday, April 21, 2024.

If you are planning to participate in at least six events, this may be perfect for you. Do the math. It it works for you, great!

Note: The Run for the Green and the Powder Keg offer their own race-specific shirts. These are not included in the package price but you will have the opportunity to purchase them if you wish. 

Also, when signing up, only choose a series shirt one time with the season pass event unless you wish to purchase additional shirts. 

Registrations are not transferrable!


Each race is run independently. In addition, you can also compete in the Dirt Days Trail Series competitions.

The rules for 2024:

All participants will be automatically entered into the Dirt Days Dirtiest Dozen Competition. 

Dirtiest Dozen Competition: Complete at least four events and you will be eligible for the Dirtiest Dozen competition.
The top twelve male and females based on points will receive a special gift at the end of the series.
Points are based on your place within your gender for each race.
First place in each gender earns 250 points, 2nd earns 249, 3rd earns 248 etc. 
We will take your  BEST FOUR finishes. Therefore, the maximum points that can be earned is 1000.

Participation Awards: Complete at least five events to earn a participation prize at the end of the season. 

You do not have to sign up for these competitions. We will calculate your points automatically and update the standings after each event.

For current and past results, click on the Results Tab or go to the Dirt Days Trail Series Archives Page

Dirt Days Trail Series - Current Standings and Archives

 Series Points and Standings

Current and Previous years Points and Standings.

Includes the Dirtiest Dozen and Participation Points.

The Races - A Brief Description

Follow the links to the individual races for complete details and registration.

Go directly to the Complete Dirt Days Trail Run Series Calendar

Run for the Green
Saturday, March 16, 2024  9:00 am - Run for the Green. @3.5 Mile Trail Run - Landen Deerfield Park. Kick off St. Patrick's Day celebrations with this unique race. This is the first in the series and features run and walk age group awards other prizes. Sponsored by Deerfield Township. 

Ault Park Switchback
Sunday, April 21, 2024
 9:00 am - @ 3.6 mile Trail Run. This event is scheduled to be the same as in past years. This course features many twists and turns with a few hills mixed in for good measure.

Mt. Airy Ridge Run
Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 8:30 am -  Run 5.4 and 10.6 mile Trail Runs. Mt. Airy is a perennial favorite. This is the largest park in the city and features extensive trails. Choose the one loop or the  two loop course. Each race will count toward Series points.

French Park Creek Crossings
Sunday, June 16 , 2024 - 9:00 am - French Park is one of the city's most picturesque parks. The 3.4 mile course will take runners through almost everything that the park has to offer. This is one of our shorter courses but don't be fooled! Father's Day!

East Fork Backpack Trail Run

Sunday, July 28, 2024 -  8:30 am  - East Fork Lake  5.6 and 10.8 mile Trail Runs. Known as the Backpack Trail Run because it takes place partly on the backpack trail at East Fork State Park. 

Powder Keg Trail Run
Saturday, August 24 , 2024- 9:00 am - Carter Park at Kings Mills. Sponsored by Deerfield Township - The same people who brought you the Run for the Green. This is one of our most popular events. Big Variety.

Glenwood Gardens Night Run

Saturday evening, September 14, 2024 -  9:00 PM - Glenwood Gardens. Unique Night Run. Course is smooth and well-marked with flashing beacons. We will offer a two-loop run course and a one-loop walk option.
At this writing, the date and venue are not finalized

"West Side, Best Side" 5K Trail Run

Sunday, October13, 2024 -  9:00 am - Shawnee Lookout. This event was new in 2016 and was a popular favorite. This is the last race of the series and the last chance to earn points for the Trail Series

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